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Website Launch

Welcome to the New Website

It has taken some time but we have been working together with web designers to give you a user friendly, fun and interactive website. Over the next few months we will see the website in action and make any changes necessary.

Whats coming?

The website right now is in its infancy, but we have some big plans. We are currently developing our shop area, a members & Volunteers area plus our most important part of the site, our educational tools. Some of these are already available to you and we will always notify our subscribers on any updates.

Bee Sure to Subscribe

We love subscribers, they are people who understand the importance of honey bees. If you want to subscribe to the website you can do that here.

Bee Social

We have several social site which you can also find us on. Head on over, like and subscribe to social media channels so you will always have an up to date account of the Bee Initiative's family.

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